A little domestic affair

I have been uncharacteristically quiet in recent weeks over the ongoing Brexit debacle. There are reasons for this and the most important one is: it matters nothing what I think, mine is a small voice in the wilderness, what will be will be, so why add to the fog of verbiage? That said, I feel moved to deliver myself of the following, on a take it or leave it basis, i.e. I'm not really up for arguing the points:
1. The 2016 referendum was ill-conceived and exacerbated by the then PM's complacency and lack of preparation. He deserved to lose, and did. So, there are consequences. 
2. A referendum should be a last resort and should be binding for a generation. As an example: Alex Salmond stated as much when he thought he was going to win Scottish independence.. When he lost, he reneged on this principle, at the expense of his political integrity.
3. I would have preferred to remain in the E.U. but I cannot see a democratically valid way to realise this. I also think it likely that a re-run referendum could unleash civil unrest in its wake, on a scale we haven't foreseen or prepared for.


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