Flopears and the Fox

This is the second of Dad's Flopears stories. For the sake of readability, I'm typing this and the others in lower case, but keeping Dad's colour scheme and italics.

Flopears and the Fox

Once upon a time there was a wee bunny-rabbit called Flopears who lived in a burrow in the ground with his Mummy and his Daddy and his four brothers and his five sisters.
But Flopears was always hungry, he could never get enough to eat
One morning Flopears' Mummy came into the burrow with their breakfast, just one lettuce leaf for each wee bunny and as usual Flopears gobbled his share straight away. "Now can I have some more please Mummy. I'm still hungry". "Oh you are a greedy bunny Flopears" said his Mummy, "If you want anything else to eat you must just go away outside and find it for yourself".
"That is just what I will do" said Flopears and off he went hopity-hopity out of the burrow and away up the hill till he suddenly spied a lovely wood with beautiful green grass and nice bushes to hide in.

"What a great place to play in" he said to himself, "I will be able to find lots to eat here I know. Just then Flopears heard a gruff voice saying "How dare you come into my wood. Don't you know that I eat up any bunny rabbit who dares to enter here".
"Oh please Mr. Fox eat me up if you want but whatever you do don't throw me into that patch of nettles. I'd rather be eaten up than have to fall into these stingy nettles". "Oh what a good idea said the cruel fox, and he picked Flopears up by his ears and threw him far into the patch of nettles. "Ooh, Ouch, Wow", yelled Flopears as if he was being tortured and then he burst out laughing. "What a stupid fox you are. Rabbits love nettles, and I haven't had my breakfast yet, thank you very much, I'll be able to take some to my Mummy and Daddy too".
And that is what Flopears did and his Mummy said "Oh what a kind wee bunny you are to think about your family".


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