What happened to C-Change (and Agnes)?

If you've tried going to c-change.co.uk you'll have ended up redirected to here (dave-mcclure-blog.blogspot.com) I have migrated c-change from UK2 to Blogger. Two main reasons: Webspace on UK2 was getting expensive, while Blogger is free, and on Blogger I get the whole feature set (layouts, gadgets, etc) and far faster publishing, while only a cut-down version is available on a hosted blog.

Now, Agnes. Hers was the only content on c-change that wasn't directly exportable. So I've evicted her, kicking and screaming, to Dave McClure - Poems. I hope she'll be happy there. She has her own label (agnes) which will call up all her work to a single page.

I'm keeping the c-change domain, for email and in case I want to revive the UK business at some later stage when I'm finished in the Middle East.


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