Flopears and the Peas

So here it is - the final episode in Dad's Flopears series:

One day Flopears was feeling very fed-up. He had nothing to do and all his wee brothers and sisters were playing without him, and anyway, he couldn't be bothered with all their noise. "I know what I will do" he said to himself "I'll go away and have an adventure all by myself". So off he went, hopitty-hop hopitty-hop, away up the hill until he came to a great big fence. "I wonder who put that there" he said out loud, he was so surprised. Just then he heard someone talking from the other side of the fence". "I must see about this" he said and started to run along the fence until he found a small hole. "Great" he said, "Now I can see what is happening". For as you know, Flopears was a very nosey little rabbit indeed. Well: Quick as a flash Flopears was through the hole and there was a beautiful little garden with rows and rows of lovely carrots and turnips and lettuce and, best of all, peas. Flopears just loved peas. He could eat them skins and all and here were more peas than he'd ever seen. Just as he was about to grab the biggest pea he could see he heard a gruff voice just behind him, "What do you think you are doing?" it said, and there was the biggest, ugliest, fiercest dog that Flopears had ever seen. "Oh" said Flopears when he got over his fright "I just saw a pea that was bad and I didn't want anyone to eat it and be poisoned so I was going to throw it in the dustbin. It is very dangerous to eat peas with the tickle-tum disease and it would be a great pity if your master ate some of the peas and had to stay in bed for weeks. Who would feed you?" "What can I do about it", growled the dog "I don't want to starve". "I know" said Flopears "We will pull all the peas out and I will take them far away where your master can't find them and everything will be all right" "What a good idea" said the dog and he helped Flopears to gather all the peas in a bundle and off he went home to his Mummy and Daddy, and his four brothers and his five sisters, with enough peas to last them for a week. When Flopears told them how he had fooled the dog they laughed and laughed till they were sore.


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