Flopears and the Turnip

Welcome to the third episode in Dad's riveting Flopears series. This is the only one that I can definitely remember him telling me.

One morning Flopears had just finished his breakfast and as usual he was still very hungry, so off he went hoppity-hop away up the hill to see if he could find something ekse to eat because, all his Mummy had to give him was one wee cabbage leaf and that wasn't very much for a growing bunny
Soon he had reached the top of the hill and there he saw a field full of lovely big turnips. Flopears could hardly believe his eyes. He dashed up to the nearest turnip and started to eat it all up.
Very soon he stopped eating and said to himself "What a greedy bunny I am to be eating all this lovely food when all my brothers and sisters had for their breakfast was one cabbage leaf". So Flopears looked for the biggest turnip in the field and then he bit off all the leaves and he bit off all the roots and there was the biggest roundest turnip you ever saw. "Now" said Flopears "How am I going to get this home to Mummy?"

Then he had a brilliant idea and he stood on his hind legs and gave the turnip a push. Off it rolled untill it came to the top of the hill. Then Flopears gave one more big push and the turnip started rolling down the hill, slowly at first then faster and faster until it was going so fast that Flopears couldn't keep up with it. "Oh dear me" said Flopears "It will go right past the burrow and we'll never see it again". Just then **KERPLUNK** the turnip landed right in the mouth of the burrow. Flopears couldn't believe his eyes. When he saw what had happened, he tried to push the turnip into the burrow. It wouldn't move. The turnip was too big. Just then Flopears heard a wee voice saying, "Oh it is very dark in here, I wonder what has happened". "Don 't worry" Flopears said "It's just me with some breakfast but I'm afraid you will just have to eat it where it is. So if you all start eating it from inside I'll eat from out here and we will soon get the burrow opened up again". So that is what they did and very soon the entrance was clear and nobody was hungry any more. "What a kind thoughtful bunny you are Flopears" said his Mummy


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