The plot thickens (as the crowd thins)

Last night a new official notice decorated the Old Manger door and no doubt many more such doors around Slaka. Though, come to think of it, the number of bar doors is also dwindling - Amigos, Garveys, Rydges... This notice, also from Slaka Tourism and Exhibition Authority and Ministry of the Interior was a handsome piece of work in red and black making clear exactly what is and is not allowed inside a Slaka bar. Excluded, in no particular order, are: under 21s, immodest dress, Qatari females of any age (sic!), lewd gestures, drunkenness, rowdiness and swearing. But still no explanation of why we are being subjected to this wave of busybodyism. One wonders if it even occurs to the writers of such notices that it is at least mildly insulting both to the clientele and to the management of these international hotel chains to suggest that such admonishments are necessary? Probably not.


  1. I heard from an anonymouse that some young QF's were playing up at a major hotel; complaints were made which caused some embarassment to powers that be, hence the clampdown on all, particularly females. Thanks too for the directions to the restaurant, I know the Sharq turnoff, or did at least last week - keeps moving. Cheers, PaulRB_Doha. PS Great link to Alexander McNabb's Blog - there are so many good ones out there but this piece was very well written and worth passing along. PRB.

  2. Hi Paul - that's quite possible and very much in line with the normal blunt instrument response of clamping down on everyone instead of dealing with the 'embarrassment' head on. Re McNabb - yes, his stuff is great.


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