Doha's best kept Secret

Doha Oasis became a pile of rubble about a year ago, as part of the Corniche beautification project. Throughout its long history, no-one was ever known to stay at the Oasis, or at least admit to staying there. The three reasons for frequenting the establishment were: the excellent Chinese restaurant, the cheapest bar in town (also one of the 'friendliest' to unattached males) and the Beach Club out the back, where the swimming pool was good, clean and cheap. (The little stretch of dirty beach and slimy water had little appeal but were easily avoided). When the hotel was reduced to rubble, most people assumed the Beach Club had gone the same way, but it hadn't, and is still going strong for those brave souls willing to drive through the wreckage of the Oasis to reach it. Even less well known is that the Chinese restaurant and bar also relocated to the Club area, taking their old menu and prices with them, and now represent the best deal in town. And with no idiot door policy. One wonders how long this can last?


  1. Thanks Para for the heads up on the restaurant, I am one of those ignorant of its resurrection and agree was the best Chinese food in Doha. looking forward to getting back there soon. Your infrequent posts about the fair city we call home and general observations on life elsewhere in the ME are most entertaining. Regards, PaulRB_Doha.

  2. Paul - thanks for the visit. To get there, you have to get to the Marriott roundabout and head back, past where Oasis used to be. There's an easily miss-able right turn signposted to the Sharq. Take that one but keep right to find the track that used to lead down the side of the Oasis. The Beach Club is still there and the restaurant/bar is in what used to be the function room. Good luck!


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