This is not about Iran

Earlier this week, in another place, someone posted a piece that wasn't about Iran. Someone else promptly commented that the piece was not about Iran but should have been, because Iran is more important than the subject at hand. And so it is, but so what? Barack Obama is marginally more important than the girls in the Paranormal or the security in Stufital, but he'll wait a long time before he gets another mention here. The commentator was out of order, less for telling another what to think than for making the assumption that the thought was not already in place. We don't have to do long faces on cue. But for anyone worried about offending the thought police, feel free to adopt Parglider's Suitable Simile formula, guaranteed to imply depth below the froth. For example: Narcisa's voluptuous cleavage was like the FTSE 100's recent roller coaster profile... You get the idea.


  1. Narcisisa's voluptuous cleavage is far more newsworthy and certainly more interesting and deserves far more coverage (what I mean is more of less coverage) than FTSE, Obama, Iran, etc, combined. Its a pity we cant have more of this, make love not war and we would all be far better off. PaulRB_Doha.

  2. {Its a pity we cant have more of this} - Paul - you can have all of it, for a small deposit...
    There are some great journalists out there, and yet, in giving the doom & gloom so much coverage, are they maybe bolstering the egos of the useless warmongers who know only destruction? But of course, Narcisa is wicked, while stealth bombers are good ;)


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