Go Rectify!

Paraglider's eyesight is not of the best, especially in low light levels, such as may be found in any night venue in the western hemisphere, not excluding the oddly named Sailor's Club in Seaview. Thus it was that, arriving at 11-ish and seeing no sign of Carina, he sent the following text message, or thought he did, courtesy of Nokia Predictive text - Are you awake? The reply seemed a little odd - NOT GOOD ASKING. THIS WEEK OK. (Carina favours upper case). While he was pondering the nonsequitur, Carina followed up with the more normal - WHERE YOU? This was easy, so he responded, or thought he did, with - In Seaview. Carina's response, after some delay - YOU CRAZY. NOT GOOD TALKING. This was becoming surreal. Finding a small pool of light, Paraglider inspected his sent messages. Are you awake had become are you cycle?, hence, NOT GOOD ASKING (though it must be said she did well even to extract that meaning from it). And the innocent In Seaview was rendered, by Nokia - Go Rectify! Sorry Carina!


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