Watch the Birdy

It was the logical next step. The cameras have arrived in Stufital. Cameras in the 12th floor lobby to make sure that the security guy enters everyone's ID on the computer and doesn't accept photocopies. And cameras inside the Old Manger bar to spy on customers relaxing with an after work beer. We learned last night why there are no more peanuts available at the bar. Apparently, they cause fights when the locals lob them at each other for fun and it escalates into a punch-up. It was like this, officer: first Khalid lobbed a nut at Mohammed, then Mohammed lobbed a nut at Khalid, then... They should reintroduce the nuts now that they have the cameras. It could be quite a sensation on you-tube.
Deep in the archives of Paranormal, there's an earlier post called Watch the Birdies. Those were the days, when harmless fun was allowed.


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