A Visitation

Today, Paraglider travels from Doha to Dubai and will be in the Paranormal by mid afternoon whence hordes of devoted fans and autograph hunters will stay away in droves. He may be recognised by his dissimilarity to the African woodcarving on the left. And for the rest of this week, while his posts may not rise to the giddy heights of interesting or relevant, at least they will emanate from the UAE. What does the U stand for again?


  1. See you for a cold beverage sometime..!

  2. This could certainly happen :)

  3. I look forward to reading a report, in your usual pithy style, about what has happened to the Paranormal since you were last there. No Helga for a start!

  4. Thanks Anon - it will be coming shortly. I'm still absorbing the changes.


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