Boggs & the Girls - thank you and good luck!

Boggs & Girls, last night at Le Club, Sofitel
It was a shame really. Last night was the last night in Stufital for Boggs and the Band. Ramadan is traditionally when the clubs change their band and do whatever other refurbishments are planned for the month of closure. So with two sets played and one to go, the guys were just getting ready for their final set when security switched on the lights and ordered everyone out. It was only ten o'clock or a little after, and an early closing was scheduled anyway, for the eve of Ramadan, but everyone was expecting another hour, and the band had a special last set prepared. Oh well, these things happen.
Boggs & co - thank you for your music and fun over the last year. You gave your best night after night to a place made dismal by the ridiculous door policy. I enjoyed your music and will miss you all, especially ... but it would be ungallant to name a favourite! Have a great trip home to the Philippines, and maybe we'll meet again some day.


  1. Boggs & the Girls.Very impressive.The way it ended..sad no doubt,but I'm sure you'll catch them up pretty soon enough.Ramadan Mubarak to all by the way.

  2. Their agents apparently wanted them to go straight to another residency, but after a whole year in Doha they opted for a trip home first. Very sensible of them.


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