Forget those faded jeans, because...

Decent Uniform Works. And don't forget it. This latest in my occasional collection of soon to disappear Doha shop fronts has a certain appeal in its stark confidence. Bold upper case, black on white, the very epitome of formality. And above, one pressed grey trouser, one starched pastel blue shirt hung with a hint of movement - is this a small concession to modernity? And a window clean enough to reflect Paraglider's woefully informal shorts and yellow polo shirt. But in fairness, it was 43 Celsius at the time.
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  1. THAT yellow polo shirt! In exchange, try and barter cost vs. advertising brand name on your blog.

  2. Hey - you've got a good memory :) But I can't guarantee it's the same yellow polo-shirt as appeared in that previous reflection (though it probably is - when selecting walking clothes I go for comfort before style!)

  3. Paraglider, you are a master of words, and the yellow polo shirt doesn't even count - I never spotted the reflection in the first place! Of course, I inspected closely upon you bringing it to my attention.

    Now I am going to sleep ;-)


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