The Restaurant on Al Shatee Corner

Yes, of course I know it's pronounced fool, not fowl, and normally I'd pass such places with nothing more than a private chuckle, but this particular juxtaposition of a Foul Restaurant cheek by jowl with Al Shatee Food Supply is surely unfortunate, by any standards.
This is right up there with Kharbash Institute of Driving (Karama) and the Never Titi abayat (Muntazah).


  1. Then there's the Titanic Tourist Agency in Ras Al Khaimah...

  2. I like it. We should start a collection of unfortunate business names!

  3. The "Rolex Supermarket", a grotty little hole festooned by inflatable animals exists just of the B Ring Road near Crazy Signals (formerly Crazy Roundabout). And I think the "Tasty Bell" restaurant (snigger) can be found in the BP garage near Gulf Helis' compound.

    Have you found "Touch O'Fart"?

  4. Touch O'Fart, not yet. But the Rolex I have seen. There's a Ferrari Centre that's mostly a down market car-wash and tyre place.
    And come to think of it, near TV Roundabout there's a restaurant called Twinky!

  5. I always chuckle at "Estiqlal for Chicken Sell", interesting play on words - Gharafa signals intersection. PaulRB-Doha.

  6. Hi Paul - I'll look out for that one. By the way, news from the front is that the Ramada Library bar is going to expand into the next suite and generally refurbish during the closed month. Looks like there's only one more day to see the mural intact. Pity.


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