Buskers in Brick Lane - Lewis Floyd Henry

Last week, on a flying visit to London, I was passing time pleasantly in Brick Lane, enjoying the sights sounds and smells of the Sunday morning street market, when I came across these buskers. The first group were semi-official, in that they were playing a prearranged slot in a provided venue. A ukelele band, just out for a good time, they certainly cheered the small crowd of passers-by.
The second was a loner, a maverick. A one-man-band complete with a mini drum kit to back his pretty wild guitar playing. He was actually quite impressive, in a Hendrix throw-back kind of way.

I was able to to grab a short video recording of both. Mobile phone quality of course, but good enough to give an impression of how they sounded. Here they are:

I wonder how well he'd go down in the Souq?

Postscript: Since posting this I've discovered that this guy's quite a regular in Brick Lane. His name is Lewis Floyd Henry. He pops up in a few youtube videos, some much better than mine. Maybe I'll buy a decent camera!


  1. Hendrix in Souq Wakif - maybe he would fit right in....a timely one from a Mate from Manchester who sent this today: "A World Cup Joke - Sepp Blatter was recently asked who his favourite Qatar Player was.

    Response: "On reflection, I think it has to be Jimi Hendrix"

    Best Wishes and hope you enjoy your White Christmas, weather here today is warm about +25C and balmy - PaulRB_Doha. PS Dont mention the cricket........

  2. Hi Paul - Yes, the weather's great in Doha now. I went up to the roof of Sofitel on National Day to watch the fireworks. An inspired choice, pleasant evening, great view and none of the madness of the Corniche 'parade'.

    Cricket, I think you need to bring back Warney!


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