By Way of Wintery Summary

Nothing much has happened in my first few days back in Doha. The sewage tanker has not been bought after all, but the hopeful vendor has adopted a new policy of moving it to a different location each morning (never more than 400 yards from the old location) and returning it at night. As it is now as dusty as the rest of its environs and bespattered with the season's first muddy rain, the chances of a quick sale seem slimmer than ever, especially as the A4-size for-sale signs are now faded, tattered and all but illegible.
The piddling little rain showers seem to have lent credence to the notion that it is cold, which it isn't, and once again we are treated on all sides to the curious spectacle of gentlemen attired in dish-dash, sports jacket and sandals, grumpily picking their way between the puddles in the mall car park, while struggling under the bulk of new boxed electric heaters. I find myself wondering what hapened to the heaters they bought last year, and the year before that? What the place needs, to restore a sense of proportion, is a decent heavy fall of snow. But it's not about to happen. Not this year...


  1. Is it cold enough for the traditional outbreak of flying helmets?

    You know, the naugahyde fur-lined hats with earflaps much worn by Biggles and the Subcontinental Gentleman-About-Town.

    Way back in the 20th century I purchased one of those suede waistcoats lined with cat fur. It cost the princely sum of QAR 70 from the old Souq Waqif. This "dead goat" amazingly still fits me.

  2. Well remembered! Yes I have seen a few of the Biggles helmets this time around. I suppose I should plead guilty to once owning an 'afghan'. Remember them? they could clear the room if they got damp. (Which they did regularly, as this was Scotland!) But this was in the 70s..

  3. A few years ago you couldnt buy a heater here for love nor money(2007 I think). Carrefoure rationed to one per customer when a shipment arrived, that was a bit of a bun fight. I cant understand why they dont allow portable or fixed gas heaters with outside LPG cylinder, although someone will surely blow up their house with one in no time. GOG's comment about Biggles brings back fond memories, was an avid WE Johns collector as a kid, had and reread every one of his books that I could get a hand on. We had a weekly (maybe daily)radio program in Sydney "The Air Adventures of Biggles....." Tally ho Bertie.... My Uncle was one of the RAAF who flew bombers from England. I played with his helmet and goggles every time we visited until he told Mum that he has been sick in his mask a few times............I am sure the helmet was leather, but couldnt tell by the smell. PaulRB-Doha.

  4. Hi Paul - yes,I remember the scrums for heaters. I've never found it necessary to heat a room in Doha. In fact, I've hardly ever felt the need for a second layer of clothing. But maybe that is partly down to the 'guid Scotch drink'.

  5. i don't know lads i have been wearing a jumper and jacket to work maybe i have been in the gulf to long

  6. or not drinking enough whisky? Warmth comes from within :)


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