Forty-Seven-Thousand Girls wanted for Light Duties

I came across an interesting statistic recently, all the more interesting because the source, who will remain nameless, is usually fairly reliable in such matters. We were talking about FIFA 2022 and some of the changes that Qatar will have to make if they are to meet the expectations, not merely of the organisers, management and players, but also of the half-million-or-so fans who are expected to fall like a plague on the innocent city state.
Not to beat about the bush, one of us observed that the extremely male-skewed population wouldn't be much to their liking. But apparently this has already been taken into consideration. It seems the Authorities have made the necessary calculations and agreed that 47,000 highly available ladies would fit the bill. It's not clear whether they are to be phased in gradually over the next few years or delivered by a mass parachute drop just in time for the tournament. Time will tell. More interesting to the mathematician in me is, how do you derive the formula that yields 47,000 girls, rather than say 46 or 48? And how about catering for the 5% of gay fans? Maybe 2,350 specially imported boys? Just another meeting where it would have been great to be a fly on the wall...


  1. I am sure for FIFA 2018 in Russia this will be no problem :)

  2. Hi Miha - I think you're right :) Some might even treat Russia 2018 as a rehearsal!

  3. looking forward to the girls landing it could a
    paranormal revival in Qatar but without the Scottish table and Danny

  4. Just left the Para at today's 4pm closing and am in Al Ain Centre catching up on web stuff. Danny is alive and well and still holding his corner ;)


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