On Rainbows and Light Railways

Great Malvern Priory, with rainbow, from my window
Paraglider is enjoying a short break back in UK, where it is still possible to see the occasional rainbow, as above. Other delights include unaffordable petrol (which troubles me not a bit, as a confirmed walker) and affordable real ale with names like Doom Bar, Kinver Light Railway, Black Pear and Bishop's Finger. Offsetting these are the frequent appearances on TV of some Cameron bloke telling us that everything's gonna be all right. When I want to hear that message, I'll listen to Cap'n Bob. No more believable, but at least he's in tune.
Normal service (from Qatar) will be resumed on Sunday...


  1. Early seventies was the last time I walked length of Malvern's, North to South, enjoy.

  2. It's a good walk, either direction. Good to cycle around too, via a few select inns, of course.


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