Popular Posts - a self-fulfilling prophecy

The trouble with putting a 'popular posts' gadget in a blog sidebar is that after a few weeks it stops changing and becomes static. This is because, by its very existence, it is promoting the posts that are already popular, making it ever less likely that any unfeatured items will ever break into the top ten.
For that reason, I've replaced it with a 'random posts' selection. So far so good. It means that on every visit there's something new on offer. Much more fun and far more in the spirit of the Paranormal. Just imagine if Jockey's girls were the same couple of dozen, day after day, forever. That would soon drive you to the Rattlesnake or Seaview.
I rest my case, again...


  1. How awful if they synchronise their rotation by your movements! ;-)

  2. Even that could be called a luxury problem!

  3. It seems the random posts is only pulling from Paranormal Hotel. It needs a big hit with a small hammer,or a gentle tap with a large one.

  4. Nope, that's exactly what it's supposed to do: provide a random selection from the blog archive. There's a blog roll of other people's sites at the foot of the main panel.

  5. What has happened to Helga it seems like she has found a new place of work

  6. Greetings Emperor, it's been a long time. Glad you're still around. Helga's last sighting and mention on the blog was August 2009 when I bumped into her in Rattlesnakes. Don't know if she still goes there as I haven't been back myself since then. Maybe retired to the Bahamas?


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