The Gorilla, by Jake Thackray, resuscitated by Paraglider

We can't all be too young to remember the late Jake Thackray.
Mr G, Paraglider's occasional partner in song, was good enough last night to make available his home studio, expertise and tolerance, for the hour or so that it took yours truly to knock out a few Jake revivals, before repairing to Sofitel, in which august establishment, in accordance with its prevailing regulations, the guitar remained firmly locked in its case. Changed days.


  1. Last time I heard a Jake recording was at my Mother's memorial service.

    I know it puzzled some of the congregation, but not her four children!

  2. Hi Rupert - thanks to the wonders of you-tube, there's quite a lot of well preserved Jake out there (though I still have him on original vinyl). He was a one-off and certainly one of the characters of the late 60s early 70s scene in UK.


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