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i*maginate commented - Hmm, shaved Aussie? Possibly a case of lost identity. I refuse to believe an Aussie would be shaved. Unless he was at the Para, of course - Well, it was about time for another prizewinning photo. I think we can now agree the shaved head, the considerable height, and substantial bulk (the foreground head is at normal head height). Our hero is towering above and looking down. Now, we can't prove the Australian roots, but would you argue? The wine yeast was excellent too.
Speaking of which, it's now time to add the rest of the grape juice, 3 litres in all, to the working yeast. This time, screw down the lid then back it off half a turn. We don't want sticky explosions, especially when doing something not strictly legal. Hold back on the cranberry and sugar. That comes later.


  1. May I ask please: Who's picture is it?


  2. You may ask, but real names never appear on this site! He is however a friend of Paraglider and the source of the wine yeast. Likewise, the foreground head will not be named (but is not Paraglider, since he took the photo).

  3. Hello Paraglider. I have heard from WGS about KUBU at the Intercontinental/SAS and Premiere at Deira as hunting holes. Have you been to these and if you have what are they like? Also what is the best day to go to Paranormal generally and what is Sunday like there?

  4. whats a hunting hole?

  5. Hi Emperor - never been to either of these ones, but most days are much the same at Paranormal. Thursday and Friday get a bit busy of course. Generally, early evening is more fun because the music is quieter and the happy hour prices (at the bar) are pretty good.

  6. Whey-hey! Love the attention, paraglider ;) Firstly, may I offer to set up emperor and malgani on a blind date, assuming they are of the opposite sex. emperor clearly has some hunting to do, and malgani would be the perfect prey, being a self-proclaimed fan of

    As for Aussie boy, what's he got in front of him, a Russian doll? P.S. Aussies don't drink wine, especially when they're shaved.

  7. Aussies don't drink wine?? You mean water, surely!

  8. OK..get your point...but wine? That's for ladies! I guess a shaved Aussie might even have mashed kangaroo for breakfast, so I wouldn't be surprised if his unorthodoxy meant wine would feature alongside his beer list.

    emperor and malgani please respond. how about a blind date? You two were made for each other!

  9. Hi

    I dont do blind dates I like to see before I buy.

  10. emperor, if I had a trophy to offer, you would win it for actually making me laugh, loudly, with a smile, and shaking my head. Don't know why I was shaking my head. Perhaps it was because I couldn't imagine the sight of a woman being approved for sale. I'm going to end this comment b4 I start getting emotional - it's been a long day. Make sure you pick the right size ;)

    malgani: better luck next time!


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