Treading Water

To make your own, first find a 2 metre tall 120 kilo Australian willing to bring you in some decent quality wine yeast from his next trip home. Buy him a beer to seal the deal. Then wait. After a month or so, take home one 5 litre bottle of water. Work your way through it over the next few days (it can be used for drinking) while amassing the real ingredients. These are: 3 litres of red grape juice and 1 litre of cranberry juice, all with no preservatives, and half a kilo of granulated sugar. Don't put any of these in the fridge. When you've finished the water, dump half a teaspoonful of yeast into the 5 litre bottle and pour in about a quarter of one of your grape juices. Screw down the lid, shake it to buggery (this is the correct technical term in Australia) then go for a beer and forget about it for 12 hours...
When you reach Paranormal, you can wonder why there's a traditional wood-panelled English pub in a low quality concrete building in Dubai, and why it has no windows even though it is in a corner with two outside walls. But such musings are fruitless in a desert city with an indoor ski centre. You might just as well ask why sandals are not allowed, except on ladies.


  1. This word verification screws things up...I've lost loadsa comments because of it. OK.. what was I saying...yeah 2m tall Aussie..scary!! Have a ParaStella poured while you wait for the deal to come thru...forget the home freezing bit while-u-wait!

  2. Yes, I don't like the word verification either, so what I now do is highlight my comment CTRL A then copy it CTRL C before trying to send it. If I lose it because of the verification, at least I can re-paste it CTRL V and try again. I use it because I had a previous blog spammed by a Russian Brides site and a Canadian timber stock sale. His head was completely shaved too (the Aussie).

  3. Shame, coz I had written quite an interesting comment that was funny to read. Didn't know Aussies had it in them to visit somewhere like the Para. Re: word verif, I *do* copy and paste as a precaution, however, that gets lost sometimes too...don't know why! Nevermind, I suppose I'll have to open a word document to depend less on the ctrl function! Hmm, shaved Aussie? Possibly a case of lost identity. I refuse to believe an Aussie would be shaved. Unless he was at the Para, of course ;)

  4. i*maginate - see new post for proof of existence of large shaved Aussie!

  5. Are you sure it's not a UFO?


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