A Change of Scene

Qatar simply doesn't have anywhere like the Paranormal for the traveller to rest his weary eyes. There are all the usual Charlatans and Majorcons, but nothing catering for anything but comfort. Except maybe the Stufital, one of the oldest hotels in Doha. This has that rarest of articles in the Middle East, a bar with a street level entrance and no entry fee. You do have to buy drink tokens at the door though, because no money changes hands at the bar. Go early, because it fills to danger level by about 10 most nights, with men, unfortunately, who come to watch the Filipina girls in the 'band'. Listening is optional. Fights break out fairly regularly, usually occasioned by an overenthusiastic Indian trying to touch one of the singers (the slim one on the right!) This, of course, requires the Filipino guys to come to her defence. The ensuing free-for-all starts up faster than Security can yawn. But as the Indians only outnumber the Filipinos by about three to one, it's pretty evenly matched and quite a good spectacle.


  1. You mean to say it's 3 indians against 1 filipino and it's still evenly matched? hhmmm... i saw 1 filipino guy taking 5 indians!

  2. Yes, but for the benefit of readers who haven't seen such things, I preder to understate for the sake of credibility! Realistically, the odds are probably nearer 5:1 in that place.

  3. I've never seen such things and don't want to! Though I don't mind reading about such f*ed up scenes!

    Sounds like those guys are living a script from a Bollywood movie.

  4. Well, you're right of course - it's not an edifying spectacle. The choice though is sometimes to risk such exposure or stick to 5-star tedium palaces. The happy medium is missing in Doha, as is the downright Paranormal.

  5. para...you write a funny ol blog mate..keep it up! my new favorite chinese girl in pana is Jing...she has a kind of mischievous/psychotic grin.

  6. Hi Malgani - you're becoming a regular, at both the real and the virtual Paranormal. I'm on the road these days, hence the Doha posts, but am planning a Paranormal visit this week, to recharge the idea bank, or something.

  7. recommend any good hotels/bars in doha? bahrain too if youve been.

  8. Doha's a long way behind Dubai. The place that comes closest to the Paranormal is sometimes Oasis, sometimes Ramada. But to be honest neither of them is much fun. So no recommendations, really. I've only ever passed through Bahrain. Maybe someone else can help?


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