Unplugged undone

Following the raging success of their inaugural concert, Paraglider and Mr G, in a bold and unprecedented step, promptly embarked on their farewell tour of Doha Stufital, thus cutting out all the usual tedious career-building stuff in between. The teeming fans were shocked and dismayed to learn of the duo's immediate disbandment, occasioned not by the usual flouncing off by a petulant star - I just need some space, man, to, like, be where I'm at as myself, for me, know what I'm saying - but by Mr G's sudden relocation to Japan. Paraglider is already making a few inquiries and it seems likely that, in some form or another, the show will go on.


  1. "I just need some space, man, to, like, be where I'm at as myself, for me, know what I'm saying"

    Dear paraglider, if I were still young, I might have gotten your lingo.

    If I came as a wrinkled package, we mightn't have met.

    If the winds fly east, us westwards might miss your ME presence!

  2. Ah, but If I wrote straight reportage you wouldn't waste your time reading me :) There should be more like you, out there :)

  3. le paraglider - il a un email adress? Je voudrais envoyer un portrait...quelque-chose il veut aimer ;-)

  4. Mr G currently putting new "stuff" 2gether in Shibuya at the Ruby Room. Next performance perhaps 29th July with Yasu on Keyboards - along with talented, but no I have not met her yet, violinist. So - now u know ;-)

  5. Glad to hear you're making good use of your time out there - Make sure it is recorded!


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