Unpluggeder Still

G-foot's party by the pool was a slow starter. Looking down from the 12th floor balcony, Paraglider & Co could count maybe seven stalwarts, nine floors below, alternately huddling to feel partyish or spreading out to occupy more space. Numbers were such that it was perhaps a blessing that G-foot's plan to provide a piper to entertain the guests had come to naught. On the other hand, Paraglider had possibly been rash in agreeing to serenade the assembled company on guitar, for half an hour or so. If you haven't tried it, singing outdoors without amplification and in open competition with central Doha traffic and the roar of AC headers can be quite a strain. As can controlling an acoustic instrument that you've just taken from a cool dry interior into a humid 35°C poolside patio. Still, a good time was had by all, and there was no shortage of free food to complement the free bar. Lazing on a sunny afternoon - hah!


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  2. "Lazing!" That is paraglidal history, in terms of the word used!

    Try a drumset and beat the instrument dry, until your audience raids the stage and your bodyguards have to control the fans!

    Drumming apparently develops ones congnitive functions...doing 4 things at a time! It was always a dream of mine and I lived it for a while!

    I would love to sing too, but that's another dream.

    Seems like you put on a good performance. I wouldn't be surprised. I'd be clapping in the front row.

  3. aslam - I'll let your comment stand because, though wholly off-topic, I see it as well-meant, and not spam.

    i*maginate - 'Lazing on a sunny afternoon' - straight from the Kinks song, Sunny Afternoon. I'm enjoying a couple of weeks in the relative cool of an English Summer right now. But back to Qatar end of next week.

  4. Should have read 'cognitive senses'.

    P - I should known more tunes than I do.

    But I have just started to learn, and proudly so.

    Enjoy your cool summer vacation, dear paraglider.

  5. i*maginate - sorry - I missed your post, or I would have responded earlier. It was a good couple of weeks away and all too short, but I've got another short trip coming up soon, this time to Amsterdam.

  6. A spammer last night posted a random lyric to six of the topics here. I've deleted them all except "Sweet & Low" which I happen to like. We used to sing it at school. So it can stay, even though it is spam.


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