Creeping Astorification

Noon till late opening is a thing of the Paranormal's past, or so it would appear. There's now an imposed two-hour closed period, from four to six. And with its introduction, the smarter girls have picked up a new script - what are you doing for the next two hours? Not so easy to answer, at least not convincingly - I thought I'd just take a walk down by the Creek. Yes, sure, in the searing August afternoons we all do that, don't we? But for some of the diehards, especially the Scottish Table (now sparser, like Bammy's hair) this is a huge change in weekend ritual and must have come as a culture shock. Apart from that, mostly it's business as usual. The flavour gets more Chinese by the month, but that's been coming for a long time.
More soon - off for a beer and a little more research. Did she really have ankle-length hair? Better go back and check...


  1. I noticed the ankle-length hair the other day. Extraordinary. Face like a boot, though.

  2. Well, it must be under quite a bit of strain :) (the face, I mean)

  3. Just noticed - I was guilty of misinformation. The closed period is of course 4-6, not 2-4. OP now corrected. It would never do to allow inaccuracies in an important socio-historic record such as this!

  4. I presume Goofy, the paranormal GM (is he still there) has opted to supply a special 2hr room rate which includes room service?

  5. That's another change - he's no longer there. Of the old staff, only two are left, the Egyptian(?) barman and the Curly haired Romanian barmaid who now runs the daytime but doesn't work nights. Thanks for dropping in!

  6. Just thought you'd like to know that, as of yesterday, the Paranormal has returned to opening all through the afternoon.

  7. Hey - that's great news! Thanks for telling me. No such luck here in Doha. The pre-Ramadan clampdown continues. Nothing opens before five and there's no admission without original ID or Passport.


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