First Quarter

To mark the first quarter of Ramadan, maybe just to have a good meal, or possibly even because walking to Stufital on a Thursday evening is an ingrained behaviour pattern, a hot and damp Paraglider found himself in La Villa Mediterranean restaurant, where he was welcomed by the newly returned Alex, tall, slim and gentlemanly as ever. Alex's return to the fold had been rumoured as long ago as last Ramadan. When it did not happen, we all thought he had moved permanently to greener fields and joined the swelling ranks of lost friends. Such things happen all the time in expatdom. So it was an unexpected delight to renew the acquaintance. The food (I had a grilled tuna steak) was excellent, as was the view over the night city and across the bay. A bottle of Rioja Reserva, perfectly served at a cool room temperature would have been the final touch. But this is Slaka. No such harmless pleasures for the next three weeks.


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