Shaken, not stilled

The Paranormal Hotel blog, with its predecessor Helga's Chickens (which it replaced after a year) has now been on-line for four years. In the early days, there was a note in the blog sidebar - comments are welcome, that stay within the bounds of respectful levity. Tongue-in-cheek, of course, but I didn't want anyone slagging off the girls that make the Para what it is. One only has to cross the road to the Old Vets to find out how desperately dull an ex-pat bar can become when the gender balance is heavily skewed. In time, I removed the note as superfluous, because visitors all seemed happy to enter into the Para's frivolous ambiente. And all was going fine until, just over a week ago, we got trolled with a couple of obscenely violent death threats. I deleted them of course, the first posts I've ever deleted in four years, but its rather like cleaning dog-dirt off your shoe - it leaves you feeling less than clean yourself, for a time. Be that as it may, I've decided not to enable comment moderation; I prefer spontaneity. But I would ask all readers simply to ignore any such posts in the future. Ignore & delete - it's the only way to deal with trolls.


  1. Can't imagine why anyone would do this? Were they opposed to the blog? To the Paranormal? To working ladies or drinking men? Very odd...

  2. No - I commented on the UAE Community blog that it was shameful that immigrant workers should be forced to depend on charity for bare essentials. Our resident troll decided I was criticising the UAE (I was) and chose to have a go at me. Worse things happen at sea. . .


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