The Devil on the Shoulder

It's unlikely that many Paranormal Hotel readers are familiar with Oor Wullie, a Scottish cartoon character who's featured in the Sunday Post for more than sixty years. In moments of temptation, for example whether or not to knock PC Murdoch's helmet off with his 'catty', we'd sometimes see his demon on one shoulder, saying dae it Wullie and an angel on the other, saying no, no, William. Interesting that only the demon had the Scots accent... Now, the immediate question is, which of the apparitions on Mr New York's case is the demon? Probably the one with the glass to his lips.
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  1. What's the cool thing about this hotel on Mankhool Road btw?
    Do you live there? :)

  2. Not any more, but I did for about six months and started blogging from there. I'm mainly in Qatar now, but the name stuck!

  3. ouch!! the maxmum stay for me in a hotel was 1 month, and i used to go back home during the weekend and it drove me nuts.. i cannot imagine how you managed 6 months in the Paranormal Hotel! mind you, i feel like this coz i like to cook and hotels don't have kitchens usually

  4. Yes, that was one of main irritations, not being able to cater for myself. But at least in that part of Bur Dubai there are plenty of good street restaurants.

  5. ...any recommendations for a long stay in Bur Dubai for 2 weeks in the end of January right during the Shopping Festival?

    Came across this cheap Bur Dubai hotel but not sure if they will open during the season. Any other?


  6. The Panorama (Paranormal!) is one of the cheapest and is actually very comfortable with nice spacious rooms and a good breakfast. But ask for a room in the top couple of floors, well away from the South Indian Night Club which is very loud.


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