Second Quarter

There's a place not to stand or sit, in Jockey's, at this time of year when the humidity is high. And that's around the two high tables just inside the door, officially known as Tossers' Corner, for reasons lost in the mists of time (unless someone has the answer?) At opening time (7:30 during Ramadan) it's no problem, but after the AC has been running for an hour or so, large cold drips start falling from the ceiling vents, typically down the back of your neck or into your beer. Cleavages are not exempt. Then someone notices, tells one of the bar-girls, who tells security, who tells reception, who calls house services, who turns up with a long handled sponge mop to swab the grid, giving a rain free hour or so. The performance is repeated, on the hour, every hour, always with the air of this has never happened before. Apart from the indoor rain, Ramadan is an enjoyable time in the Paranormal. There's no music, not even background music, so you can hear yourself talking. And somehow, watching cricket with the sound turned down makes more sense when there's no music than when there is. Explain that.


  1. Of course, the downside to being able to talk is that you can hear the drivel other spout AND hear your own. And it's harder to feign deafness when one of the African ladies demands to know where you are from, and then takes offence when you politely turn down her charms...

  2. Anon - I agree with you. The Para moved seamlessly from mainly Soviet to mainly Chinese. But the change didn't alter the fact that the bar was a drinking bar and the 'punters' shouldn't be hassled. Chatted to, fine, but not imposed on. Some of the African girls have yet to learn this. Too much 'attitude' in evidence. Not all, but more than a couple.


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