Good, Fast, Cheap?

Some industries might be different, but in mine, the golden rule governing any project is the one we call Good-Fast-Cheap. It states simply, you can have any two out of the three, but you can't have them all. You want the best, by next Tuesday? No problem but it's going to cost you. You're on a tight budget but you need this immediately. Easy, but don't expect it to work. You need state of the art, for pennies? OK, hang around till the prices come down. Sometimes, you have to sit your client down and explain this principle. But only in Slaka is it received as Breaking News on every single project. Unless you know differently?
(My apologies for talking shop - one of those days, today. The kind that would drive me from work straight to the Paranormal, were I not Slaka-bound).


  1. Can I borrow this one? I think you just found my companies HR policy.

  2. Most welcome! Exceptions to the GFC rule are rare as hen's teeth. But some people never learn :)

  3. Sounds like my week - SSDD. The problem is the prices ARE coming down - blow ins from OS looking for opportunities in the land of gas, sand and camels, willing to get a job at any cost to support their struggling businesses elsewhere. PaulRB-Slaka.

  4. Paul - yes, that's when you have to hope they mess it up and don't get asked back!


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