Yellow Bus Blues

I've often wondered if many Americans know where some of their pensioned off school buses end up? Half-way round the World in Slaka, that's where, for a new lease of life as workers' transport. They're not refurbished in any way. Many still have the school name painted on the back and sides. Some still sport the stop sign. In not a few, the upholstery is worn through to the bare plywood. Balding or bald tyres are de rigueur. With no air conditioning, the interiors can get pleasantly warm in the searing desert sun. It's conceivable that the workers (affectionately known as bachelors by Slaka authorities) would prefer more modern coaches, but any such gesture would run counter to the noble tradition of social stratification that must be upheld at all costs. Or something.


  1. Wow................ I didnt know thats very surrealistic... the world is SO small nowdays...
    where is Slaka?( Quatar?) thanks for telling us...

  2. Hi Terry - welcome to the Paranormal! Where is Slaka? It is everywhere where bureaucracy triumphs over reason. But mostly, it is here:
    BTW, the workers are called bachelors because they are not allowed to bring their wives with them. Nothing is allowed that might reflect on the price of oil and gas.


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