Changing the Rings

It is conceivable, just, that a casual visitor to Paranormal might be unimpressed. This is most likely to be a matter of unfortunate timing. For the first half hour or so after opening time, sensitive souls might complain about a smell of disinfectant and extremely cold AC. In such circumstances, the best advice is to go somewhere else and come back later. And where better than the nearby Four Points Sheraton? There, you'll find the most comfortable bar stools in town, very fine bar food, friendly service and a complete lack of everything you went to Paranormal in search of. Nowhere's perfect.


  1. I love the weird and abnormal. And I know if I hit the Paranormal, I'll be hooked on its craziness and the almost surreal scenes you write about in this blog. I mean, is this place real? I have to check it out sometime, but I don't think that time will be coming soon...if I ever make it, I'll let ya know!

  2. Hi i*maginate -
    It's absolutely a real place. I lived there for 4 months and still visit regularly. This blog focuses on the zanier aspects and events, but they are real too. Seriously though, don't go alone. It's not dangerous but you probably wouldn't enjoy the attention you'd get.


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