Look Outside

The Indian bicycle keeps left, even in Dubai, the better to avoid onrushing lorries. For minimum efficiency, it is pedalled with the heels, bare or sandalled. The trapezoidal stand is fitted with a broken retaining spring which helps it to trail along the road. The rear pannier rack is perfectly adapted to carry forty flattened cardboard boxes or a serene wife whose flowing saree just knows to keep clear of the spokes. However bumpy the road, she never drops the baby. The bell works. If you graduate to a small truck, you can hang it all round with painted chains and festoon the cab with tassels and tapestries.


  1. lately theres been an increase in soviet totti in chalks..good stuff!

  2. ps. astonishing?

  3. Hi Malgani -
    Astonishing = Astoria
    The Dork, Four Pints Charlatan, Old Vets, The Bruj and The Melodeon have all featured here. I guess you know all of them?

  4. Hilarious. Imagine if we had cycling lanes in Dubai, would these bare-heeled cardboard-box carrying cyclists be keeping left in the wrong lane? lol

    I love the way you hit 100 themes with your words!

  5. Just wait - in another couple of years they'll be able to cycle along the monorail!


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