Members Only, Sahib

The Cardigan Man explained, "We don't operate a racist door policy. Chalky's is a member's club. Who are the members? That varies from day to day and is at the discretion of Duty Security. If we let everyone in, it would destroy the Club. Be grateful we protect you like this". Some days later, Paraglider was passing the Astonishing, near to afternoon chucking out time. The street outside was thronged with, well, with whom? With precisely the people who would be inside if allowed, spending no money, leering unpleasantly and missing no opportunity to grope. Cardigan Man's exclusion policy begins to make sense. Elitist, maybe, though the bar is not set high; racist, maybe not after all, especially as so many of these unfortunates are from Cardigan's own home country. Bur Dubai is not London. Enough said.


  1. This is such a bizarre yet cool blog!

    I will add it to the UAE community blog blogroll. If you would like a member invitation there, just email me at [my username here] at gmail.

  2. SD -
    Thanks for dropping by! Paranormal is already on the blogroll under general blogs, as The Paranormal Hotel. It was added in the most recent batch. 'Bizarre' I can live with - it suits the place :-)


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