The Golden Age

It's all about proving I've been here longer than you, as if anybody cares. Even the Paranormal is not immune. Paraglider was blethering to a guy in Qatar recently and the talk came round to Chalky's Bar. Do you remember before they put in that bendy mirror thing? Yes. Before they put down the weird pink lino stuff? Yes. Before they moved the bar to the back wall? No. Well, it was better then. Of course it was. Golden Age, QED. Stranger, 1 - Paraglider 0. The chances are, Helga was younger too.


  1. "Before they moved the bar to the back wall?"

    Yep Indeedy...
    And there was a green carpet with a wonderful aroma of Smieneken! No Helga though, chickens were few and far between in those days, but the Jock table, of course they were there!

  2. This is all before my time. before the lino it was wooden flooring, for quite a few years. I wonder what they did with the carpet. Probably left it in the back lane to rot, just like they did with the chairs from the South Indian Club.


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