The Blind Projectionist

If you've ever looked backwards in a cinema you'll have seen a small window close to the projector. This is so the projectionist can check the image quality and focus, and generally keep an eye on proceedings below in the auditorium. Once, between contracts, Paraglider found himself looking after a 3D Projection Theatre in Saudi, for Aramco, and was surprised to find a wooden slatted venetian blind fitted to the viewing window. It seemed to have no purpose. Until Ladies' Day in the Theatre. Then he had to run all quality checks before the audience was admitted and, throughout the show, the blind was to be firmly closed. This, merely to ensure that the ladies could enjoy the performance without being seen by any man. Now that's paranormal!


  1. To protect you or them? The backs of a couple of hundred darkly clad heads in a darkened room. It's racy stuff...

  2. It's a moot point. In fact, on Ladies' Days the whole Exhibition building was effectively partitioned by the dubious technique of closing selected fire doors and putting signs on them saying 'Ladies behind door. Do not enter'. One wonders if they would have relaxed the strict segregation in the event of a fire?

  3. Now I am sure there is a reason for the same counter on Paranormal and Real Life blog ... and that must be that life mirrors art. Or is it life mirrors fantasy? :-) Mr. G

  4. In the greater scheme of things there is only one creator, Mr. G. Thanks for presenting us with your grace ;)

  5. *alexander, beauty lies in the eye of the beholder. In this case, it's paraglider vs. 1000 ladies.

    *paraglider, I wonder if the blinds were thick enough to stop any bluetoothing going on. What was your bluetooth nickname, paraglider?


    I hope you know what I mean when I refer to the art of 'bluetooth' - if you don't, you've obviously spent too much time @ the para, where life is real!

  6. *imaginate - the wooden slats were thick enough to block everything! I used to rely on the sound track to tell me when the movie was finished. From time to time, I had to climb these lighting towers (see photo) to change the lamps in the varilights. Vertical ladders - no fun at all!


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