Parastasis, apparently

It was as if a year had not passed. The floor is still Paranormal pink. The dartboard, mercifully, shows no signs of having been opened. The corner behind the propped-open door (yes, it was the afternoon) was freezing. Such changes as were perceptible were of degree, not of substance. The bar staff are more mixed, with Ethiopia challenging Romania. Bammy has moved 11 degrees clockwise round the (Scottish) table, enough, perhaps to signify creeping insecurity of tenure? Angie has changed the tailored jacket look for something less formal, but the chin is strong as ever. And Helga? She's not grown an inch - upwards...


  1. Funnily enough I met with a "Chalky's Regular" in Bangkok airport yesterday.... the update I got was "same old shit, different staff"

    Wonder if Goofy the GM still does his special interviews on the girls before they start!

  2. Well, I was in on the Fri/Sat/Sun and he didn't make an appearance. But I'm sure he'll still be there because anyone new would have made changes.


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